I have studied people; language, psychology, sociology, business, engineering, philosophy, religion, and more; since I was in high-school.  

I have worked at jobs in many of those fields and been writer and teacher for many years.

It is tempting to say that I am "self-taught" but the reality is that even though I have read thousands of books I talk to everyone I can and learn from every person.

There are a few people that spent time guiding me that made a huge difference in my life that are well known, for instance, John Grinder, Mark Granovetter, Harrison White have all spent considerable time guiding me. But, there are many others that have had a tremendous influence on me.  Often, by letting me find my way as I learned new things. Treating my missteps as learning and not failure.

I give workshops to pass on what I have learned to others. I coach people so they can get the same benefits I have gotten from others. They can learn, grow, make a difference, and never fail.

If you are interested in digging deeper into me, there's always Google and my personal website: https://donaldsteiny.com.

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