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This article from Psychology Today has a couple of suggestions for stress relief I don’t see too often, based on changing your thinking.

It has the standard ones, be mindful, relax, breath, and so on; but it also suggests finding aspects of the situation that you can do something about and focusing on those. That might be one of the oldest tricks in the book, change the things you can and accept the things you can’t. The stoics recommended that in 135 CE.

Another is a bit trickier, find a way to see how it fits into a bigger picture of life. When we are stressed, our brain zooms in on what it is that is stressing us and we have trouble seeing how something might not be as bad as it seems or even might be a learning experience. This is a place a friend or coach can be helpful.

Finally, we are always going to have challenges. What is is fun is to be able to deal with them. Think about it. It is actually fun to run into a difficulty and ace it. So having difficulties, in and of themselves, is not a bad thing. One way to not be stress is to not try to avoid itbut to embrace it and embrace learning the skills to deal with things you will encounter. If something comes up you don’t know how to deal with, cool, it is something new to learn.

Some people think that people avoid stress by just not caring and there are people who do, but you can avoid stress by enjoying a challenge and seeing life as a never ending game.


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Source: Five Secrets to a Stress-Proof Brain | Psychology Today

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