Women in Leadership – Meet the Best @ Action Spot
Sep 28 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
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  • This is a session specifically tailored for Women Who Code. We invited the leaders, mentors, and investors to share what it takes to be a leader.

    You are looking for next step in your professional career, you are thinking to start your own business, you are thinking of working for government to switch to work in academia. If this resonates with you … YOU NEED TO FIND TIME TO COME and participate in this panel.

    Carol will help to answer questions what is expected when you want to build your professional career or if you decided to build your own business what Intel Capital is looking in Startups.

    We need your questions, we need your input and active participation.


    Carol Wilder – Director of Strategic Planning – Data Center Group at Intel Corporation

    Carol Wilder - Director of Strategic Planning - Data Center Group at Intel Corporation

    o Experienced Cradle to Grave Product Management Leader
    o Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    o Innovation Catalyst / Entrepreneur
    o People Manager and Mentor
    o Demonstrated Leadership, Employee Training, and Team Building
    o Excellent Presentation and Negotiation Skills
    o Problem Resolution and Decision-Making
    o Deep Understanding of User Experience Design & Research

    Chia-Lin Simmons – Founder / CEO at LookyLoo

    Chia-Lin Simmons - Founder / CEO at LookyLoo

    Chia-Lin Simmons is the CEO of LookyLoo, a technology startup that brings together social, big data and machine learning AI to help identify fit in apparel, increase conversion, increase customer confidence and drive down return rates for apparel and online retailers. Chia-Lin is active in the automotive, transportation, digital media and e-commerce technology space as a consultant and advisory board member for a number of companies in the space. Her interest and expertise in the automotive technology space stems from her role as the former VP of Marketing & Content for Harman International’s (NASDAQ: HAR, now a Samsung business) Connected Car business. Chia-Lin helped build and launch Harman’s Connected Car service Aha which is featured in Honda, Subaru, Porsche and other automotive partners and availability in millions of vehicles and more than 50+ countries worldwide. Prior to her starting her own company, Chia-Lin was an executive at a number of high visibility technology companies. She was the former Head of Global Partner Marketing for Google’s digital business Google Play Music and the Google Play Store, the VP of Marketing and General Manager of Playphone North America, a senior business development executive at Time Warner/ AOL, as well as the VP of Strategic Alliances at Audible (an Amazon company).

    Chia-Lin serves on the Board of Directors for Servco Pacific, a $1.3B global automotive / goods company, and recently gave presentations on Autonomous Vehicles and legal concerns to more than 400+ autonomous car experts in Silicon Valley. In her free time, Chia-Lin founded the #bindersproject, which helps connected women tech founders with global funders looking to accelerate female founded startups. Chia-Lin graduated Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. San Diego and received her MBA from Cornell University, where she was a Park Leadership Fellow. Chia-Lin is a licensed New York State attorney and earned her JD from George Mason University School of Law.

    Dr. Anuradha Basu is Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director of the Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship Area Chair in the School of Global Innovation & Leadership, Lucas College & Graduate School of Business, San Jose State University, USA

    Dr. Anuradha Basu is Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director of the Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship Area Chair in the School of Global Innovation & Leadership, Lucas College & Graduate School of Business, San Jose State University, USA. She joined SJSU in 2003 to launch its undergraduate entrepreneurship program, and also teaches on the Lucas Graduate School’s MBA programs. She is faculty advisor to the student-led Ideas Club at SJSU. She has advised numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage startups during her tenure at SJSU. Before joining SJSU, Prof. Basu was a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Center for International Development. Prior to that, she held faculty positions at the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University, UK. Her research interests include entrepreneurship education, immigrant, and global entrepreneurship. She has published several peer-reviewed journal articles in her field and co-edited the Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship. She earned MPhil and PhD degrees in Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India, and a BA (Honors) degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, India. Before moving into academia, Dr. Basu worked at the Bank of America in India and the UK.


    Donald Steiny – Principal at Donald Steiny Coaching

    Donald Steiny - Principal at Donald Steiny Coaching


6:30 p.m – 7:15 p.m. – Food, Drinks, Networking

7:15 p.m. – 8:30 p.m – Panel Discussion

8:30 – 9:30 p.m. Q&A and informal networking

Beyond Networking – The Science of Finding a Job @ Sobrato Center for Nonprofits
Oct 10 @ 9:30 am

Research has shown the most effective way of getting a job is through personal connections.  You have heard that you should be “networking.”  But, that doesn’t tell the whole story.  This workshop takes you beyond networking.

Donald Steiny has been a researcher at Stanford working with Mark Granovetter whose paper on how people get jobs, the Strength of Weak Ties, is the most cited paper in sociology.  Donald will explain the concepts in a down-to-earth manner.  We will take a look at your networks and develop an action plan that will improve the chances of you getting not only a job but the kind of job you want.

Why and When to Raise Money – Talent to Talent Conference @ Sears Atrium at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON
Nov 16 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


Talent to Talent Conference engages entrepreneurs currently operating startups, early and medium stage entrepreneurs, and graduates and undergraduates.

It encourages students to have innovative ideas and seeks to empower them with entrepreneurship skills. It also seeks to connect them to domestic and international funding agencies, venture capitalists, professional leaders in industry, and government agencies; it also aims to provide support by acting as a mentor and facilitating initiative workshops.

Who should attend this conference?

If you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurship path or looking to expand your start-up, and willing to spend a day, instead of months trying to find out about secrets of fundraising, approaching angel investors and about capital opportunities COME JOIN US on Nov 16,2017.

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Social Capital — The Third Essential Capital for Your Business @ Action Conference
Nov 18 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Social Capital -- The Third Essential Capital for Your Business @ Action Conference | Burlington | Ontario | Canada

You know about financial capital and intellectual capital, but to have a successful business you have to have social capital, as well.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that when you are creating a business not only does everything you could anticipate go wrong, but many things you haven’t anticipated go wrong too.

If you have an MBA, there will be technical issues you could never have imagined.  If you are an engineer there will be finance, marketing, legal, staffing, and other nuts-and-bolts issues of running a business are just as mysterious.

We are all limited in how much it is possible to know.  Not just about a subject but, also, by what people are doing at the exact moment you need the information.  The trick is, that someone knows what you need.

Which brings up the question, “how do we find the people we need, when we need them?”

The short answer is, “you don’t need to, they’re already there.”

Or, at least, they should be.

That’s what social capital is about.  It is your relationships and, like the other kinds of capital, it’s something you have to invest in over time.

Often times, an entrepreneur will get to the point that he or she feels they need they will start “networking.”

Networking is more effective than just sitting around, but the term implies that you are trying to get something. People have really, really good radar about that. They can tell by your body language when you walk up to them that you want something from them.

An irony is that people are, basically, helpful so that will often work.  It’s a hit-or-miss way of going about it because you might not know what you’re looking for.

When the sociologist, Joel Podnoly, was teaching at Stanford GDB he taught a class on “networking for businesspeople.”  He made a DVD of it and there was a line that seared into my head, “if you network to sell something to find a job or sell something, it’s already too late.”

It’s trying to withdraw from an empty bank account.

Social Capital is the relationships you build over time.

This workshop gives an introduction to how to build that capital and to leverage the capital you already have.

Donald Steiny looked at social networks in Silicon Valley since 2003. Besides that  people often say, “Donald knows everyone.”  It is more than just networks. It is about learning to mine the wealth that is in the people around you. The relationships you develope are the social capital.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see him at Action Conference 2017.

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